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Building and operating scalable modular solutions designed to meet the needs of the hydrogen economy

Our Vision is to be a leading Liquid Hydrogen asset developer, operations, service and distribution company.


Our portfolio of technologies allows us to build optimized solutions to support the expanding hydrogen economy and operate them to world class standards, all the while providing consumers access to one of the cleanest energy sources available.

Our target for 2024 is 1.5M kg of hydrogen provided through our infrastructure solutions.


Why Liquid


Due to its higher volumetric energy density, Liquid Hydrogen solutions require less physical footprint and cost, enabling hydrogen infrastructures to be more flexible and scalable across more industry verticals. It also provides significant CAPEX & OPEX reduction for hydrogen refueling station owners and operators.

Minimum costs for  distribution​

Larger throughputs with a small footprint via liquid hydrogen pumps

High payload and short transfer times to ease logistics

Low temperature provides very low potential burst energy​

1.8x times the Volumetric Energy Density

Significant CAPEX and OPEX reduction

for hydrogen refueling station owners and operators

Why Liquid


Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 10.31.26 AM.png



  • Safety first - stored at atmospheric pressure and - 252 degrees Celsius

  • 1/2 to 1/3 space requirements compared to gaseous hydrogen

  • Controlled loss technology utilized in all parts of the value chain

  • Transportable and adaptable to the site specifications


  • Locally optimized to the feedstock and financial/regulatory metrics

  • Utilizing renewable energy through Electrolysis or natural gas network through reformation


  • Significant benefits over compression including lower maintenance costs of equipment

  • Efficiently scalable to grow as the utility grows

  • Modular and flexibly implemented

Mobile Units

  • Allows for on-site liquefaction and delivery

  • Able to supply hydrogen to non-standard locations


  • Unique evaporation /compression technology allows for safe and efficient liquid or compressed gas dispensing

  • Can conform to any local standard of dispensing specifications


  • Continue to pursue growth through incremental market change strategies

  • Assess new markets & identify timing constraints

  • Continue to identify & pursue strategic partnerships

Feasibility & Concept Development

  • Site selection and vetting

  • Feasibility study

  • Site Constraint Analysis

  • Commercial modeling to meet market demand

  • Financial modeling

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Grant submission & PTC / ITC decision matrix

Feasibility & Concept Development

Facility Design

  • Concept selection

  • FEED - Basis of design confirmation

  • Equipment selection & procurement of major equipment

  • Detailed engineering & systems integration

  • Zoning approvals & permit submissions

  • Project execution planning & safety procedures

  • CPM schedules & Project Management Systems

Construction Management 

  • Establish & Implement project safety procedures

  • EPC oversight

  • Coordination with local utilities

  • Progress monitoring & measurement

  • Start-up / pre-commissioning & training

  • Commissioning / certification

  • Performance guarantee and warranty program

  • Commencement of operations

Operation & Maintenance

  • Continuous monitoring of Safety in Operations

  • Real-time equipment monitoring 

  • Optimization

  • Maintenance 

  • Warranty & spare parts management

  • Safety Rapid Response Team - responding to remote alarm monitoring

  • Service Response Team - responding to required equipment service intervals required to maintain vendor warranties

  • Continual cycle of measurement & profitability review of operating model

About Us

About Us

H2 Genesis was formed in 2022 to be the leading Liquid Hydrogen infrastructure and service company in support of the hydrogen economy. We are a passionate group of engineers, scientists, developers and financial professionals with the goal of growing the hydrogen economy to the next level.

At H2 Genesis, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values are consistent across all of our work. We know that having diverse perspectives and opinions helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a diverse global landscape.

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